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Writing gadget

Posted by in Self Publishing on February 14, 2011

I came across this recently – a new type of ’Tablet’ that is going to be launched in June this year. It caught my eye as something that could be a really useful tool to authors. A device where you can scribble away making notes or taking ideas down. I am hoping it will interface into the common word type programs by time of launch. Its looks as though it will be resonably cheap at – $99

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  • That is a good idea, hope it takes off. It’s sort of like when JK used to sit in the caf’ and write her stuff down over some dubious froth loosely called Latte. Only, I would assume as you say about Word etc, it’s instantly cyberised. Nowt like having rough notes, ideas, musings and doodlings put straight onto a digi file.