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Why is your book not on sale?

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on May 2, 2011

We talk to lots of authors who have written a book but have not published it or got it available for sale. Their reasons vary from ‘it’s not finished’ to ‘we are trying to find a publisher’.

So that got us to thinking. How many books are sitting in drawers waiting to be published?  

Your book may need a little more work but why wait when you can get what you have already spent many many hours writing into print. So over the summer we are offering to take your book, spell check it, format and lay it out to your desired size and help you design a cover, all for free. We will then get this uploaded to the book store and send a finished print copy to you.

You can then start telling your friends and family about it and asking them to buy a copy and send you comments or write reviews on the books review page. You can still be working on getting a publishing contract and finishing or revising your book.  We don’t mind who else you want to publish with.

What better way to start testing your book. So stop delaying and go to

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  • Blimey, this is a good offer. I don’t need it myself at the minute (shame) but this is sure to help someone. Thank you.