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Who Can Say Your Self Published Book is Good or Bad?

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on March 15, 2012

I have spent a long time trying to understand what makes up a good book. In the Self Published Book world there is an endless stream of opinions, commentary and ‘services’ to determine this. However I have yet to find the definitive guide to the perfect book written in an A to Z order, it just does not exist. Yes there are plenty of basic guidelines and many obvious dos and don’ts but a magic formula?

This article is an interesting take on this subject from self published author Catherine Ryan Howard.

Could Your SelfPublished Book Pass THIS Test? « Catherine catherineryanhoward.com2/27/12

“Here are the rules. You send me a copy of your selfpublished book, and I’ll read it. If I like it I’ll review it here, and will be generous with my praise. What’s the catch? I’m an editor, and expect published books to be polished.

It seems to me there is a lucrative industry that has sprung up around self publishing, selling advice and services on ‘how to…’ in the self publishing world.

And who is an ‘editor’ or ‘professional reviewer’ to say that a book is good or bad for everyone? Just because one person does not like a particular turn of phrase or subject does not mean the other 6 billion of us won’t like it surely? Think about art critics. These so called professionals of the art world try to influence what the rest of us should look at in our sitting rooms. Sorry guys but I am an individual and will make that choice myself and the same should go for books.

Like most things in this world, the 80/20 rule prevails. Get your book 80% right and there is no reason to waste valuable time on the last 20%. Just get the book out there and get onto the next one. That 20% should be spent on promoting your book and driving interest and sales, not worrying over a particular apostrophe or finding the last 2 spelling mistakes in a 100,000+ word book. That in the 21st century where there is just so much information and choice is just sad.

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