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Travelling for the hell of it

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on April 28, 2012

We have just finished and put into print our latest book, Traveling for the hell of it! by Nick Gerrard.

Nick approached us a few weeks ago with his manuscript which is already available as an eBook. He was broke (and still is I believe) but desperate to get a print version produced and on sale. He didn’t have the skills or the money to work his manuscript up to a print ready file. We looked at the book and decided it was too good to not get into print so we have worked on both the internals and the cover and gave the book an ISBN to get it in print and on sale for him.

This is not a travel book written and edited by professionals but a book written from the heart about his experiences and thoughts from his many years of travelling. I have yet to read it from cover to cover myself but having spent time working on it the sections I have read come across with real passion and make you want to turn the next page – what a really good book is all about.

From a review of the eBook version written by David Blane (not the magician!)

“Traveling for the hell of it” describes a way of life I have only dreamed of. Perhaps it is primarily a young person’s enterprise, and less so for those of us who are married, employed, or who have families holding us in place. In a nutshell, when Nick and his friends wanted to travel somewhere, such as Paris, they did. They moved there and got jobs. Through the various wild and hilarious stories of their escapades, I wasn’t able to determine if they stayed in Paris a few months or a few years, but going there was an open-ended commitment, and they enjoyed themselves until deciding to move on to Barcelona.

Read the full review here – A Kind of Travel Book

This is one I will definitely read from cover to cover.

I have seen a few other reviews where it is criticised for missing commas and other odd things!! To me a book is about the content. Does it capture me enough to keep reading; to not put the book down? It is not an exam in perfect grammar but an exercise in enjoyment. From what I have seen and read so far this most defiantly captures my attention.

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