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The man who changed the world forever

Posted by in Books for Sale on May 5, 2011

Love them or hate them, Microsoft has influenced all of our lives probably more than any other technology company. Before Microsoft there was a disparate mess of computers and operating systems and each built around its ‘own’ standards. It was impossible to take your programs or data from one machine and run it on a different machine. Imagine having a mobile phone that could only call certain types of other phones?

Microsoft came along and gave us first DOS and then Windows which is now the standard across the world and is why you can take your data from one machine and run it on any other machine in the world. Office has for a long time been the standard desktop application for day to day work. I created this blog in Word. Their latest innovation which is already the fastest selling piece of consumer electronics of all time – Kinect, will have massive impact from the consumer to business to scientific applications.

Paul Allen the co-founder of Microsoft has just released his memoirs which tell the story of how he and Bill Gates became friends and forged a unique and often to the outside world ‘weird’ relationship. It portrays Allen as the ‘Ideas Man’ and Gates as the ‘make it happen’ man. It is a wonderful insight into two obviously brilliant minds who have forged and changed the world forever.

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  • Good article; there is no doubt about the ingenuity and acumen coming together to change the world – but (groan – there’s always a but!), Microsoft’s ongoing policy has been and is to only let the consumer have a little of the latest goodies, thus, for them, ensuring massive revenues from constant updates. Add to this the draconian restrictions on most of their products, it is then easy to see why Mr Young and Mr Ewing and others have achieved what they have also achieved, through adopting a more freer / liberal and dare I say it? Moral approach. Yes, Microsoft is great technology, but it is not great business from the consumer’s point of view.