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The Joys of Self Publishing

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on March 30, 2011

Self publishing your fiction or non fiction book needn’t be something you “resort” to, it can be something you go straight into doing without even bothering with the publishing industry at all.  Why bother with a publisher or an agent if you just want to get the book out there?

Writing your memoirs

This is a perfect reason for self publishing.  You see, a memoir isn’t always like a novel is it?  You don’t need to tell a story with a logical conclusion, or with plot twists and cleverly drawn characters (in fact real characters are probably best in this situation anyway!)  What’s more important is that your story is told how you want to tell it, and provided that it’s edited sufficiently then there should be no reason why anyone who offers self publishing services shouldn’t want to publish you.

It might cost you a bit, but if you want a lasting document for your family and future generations to learn from and enjoy then surely it’s a good reason.  A memoir is for others to read, and it’s more important that you get as much in as you can, as succinctly as you can, not only to keep your costs down, but also to ensure that you let everyone know just how your life has panned out.  And you never know, the way the public lap up “life stories” these days, your book might just turn a profit!

Writing your novel

Everyone has a novel in them; it’s a fact.  Some people might need a little help to construct the novel, but I guarantee you that everyone has a story they want to tell, whether it’s fiction or based on fact.  If you self publish your novel you can do it without all the delays you get from publishers who often only fail to publish a good book because of its commercial demand at that particular time.  I believe I’ve mentioned before that publishers will often know what they want to see in the bookstore long before the public see anything, and this is why when you self publish your book you can get around all this.

Who says the publishers always know best when it comes to what the market wants.  If you have enough faith in your ability then you really should self publish your book.  Many people do this even before they’ve approached a literary agent or publisher, simply because they don’t want to go through the process.

Self publishing your fiction book can also open doors with agents and publishers, particularly if you’ve had your work professionally edited before you self published.  It’s nice for a publisher to be presented with a complete book so that they can get an idea of how good it can look and also how committed the writer is to getting their work out there on the bookstore shelves.

Selling your book

Even if you don’t make it to the bookstore shelves you must also consider that an enormous amount of self published books are for sale at an online bookstore instead, pretty much like  When you’re ready to sell your work you can do it!

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  • I am currently publishing my own (4th)book. “What Ever Happened to Trixie Skyrme” which is to be launched on May 15. I have had printed 1000 copies and advanced orders are already in hand (withoutmuch publicity) and film interest is growing. My first self published book 1987 and again in 1994, was optioned by Ridley-SCott and sold over 6000 copies. I am expecting my latest novel to sell well but may need anorth publiusher to take it on while I finish my current work. I am in my 7th decade want to push on while I can. I can email you details if you are interested. Thanks Jen Green

  • Writing your Memoirs – This was especially true for me. Print-On-Demand and access to Self-publishing gave me the opportunity to produce my mother’s autobiography of her early years. It began with starting school and the subjects she liked, about the neighbourhood she lived and was brought up in, and the years as a WREN during the Second World War. She included backgrounds to her parents and grandparents and other aunts and uncles. Several dozen copies of the 100 page book have been produced and distributed around the family.

  • Whatever Happened to Trixie Skyrme was self published in May and selling well. Much interest already in film treatment. Available in bookshops or from Green Grass Enterprises email jenpen@talktalk. net.. Contact em

  • Trixie half way to Hollywood. Two producers from LA keen on the film rights. So keep on publishing your own work. Jen Green

  • Just come across your blog site through Digg. This is precisely what I am trying to find.