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Snow and Whinging Poms!

Posted by in Books for Sale on February 4, 2011

On a different note than books for a change, those of us in Britain who think we had a hard winter and we are the only nation in the world that grinds to halt at the sight of snow, well take a look at this –,0,347680.story

Perhaps we ‘whinging poms’ need a wakeup call to how lucky we are. Talking to one of the authors who have published who lives in Queensland Australia recently said that the storms there have devastated an area as big as Europe. Crops have failed and food prices are soaring.It makes sitting in front of a warm fire in a British winter, writing a book seem quiet romantic.

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  • These images and tales seem to be repeated globally with a far higher frequency now than in the past, and it is worrying, almost Biblical in its intensity. Traditionally hot, or cold, matters not, Mother Nature’ll git yer, no matter where you are. So yes, maybe the grey, wet ole temperate zone UK is better off after all, although we of course had a baddun too. Let’s not forget that. J