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Travelling for the Hell of It

Posted by in on November 28, 2014

Travelling for the Hell of it – A kind of travel book. Short Stories, journalistic pieces, memoirs and opinions. From a life time of travelling and living abroad. Some horrible, some funny, some serious. And hopefully interesting. From running Eco-lodges, teaching and being robbed in Barcelona, Cheffing in Paris, to Volunteering in Europe and getting drunk in Brazil. Opinions on Food, Eco-tourism, football and Aid projects. Back-packing and more.

Wild tales and all manner of youthful mayhem. But the stories don’t vainly glorify foolish hedonism. Deeper in the book Nick starts to discuss some other manners of travel, including volunteerism and eco-travel. . He starts sharing his opinions on these ventures, some good, some unfavourable, and he does it in the best possible manner, offering his opinions and supporting them with examples of why he feels that way. He doesn’t pontificate, or hold himself out as an expert or the sole holder of some great truth. At the onset the author takes some time to express his ideas about worthwhile travel versus wasting time. This part of the book isn’t offered as a manifesto. He has a special distaste for anyone he considers a Kerouac wannabe. There is some irony there, in that Nick and Keruouac seem to have a lot of things in common!

David Blaine: Outsider writers.

Nick writes exactly as he talks. His stories are always fascinating hair-raising ones his experiences, whether they involved gunfights in a Rio favela, building an eco-lodge in Malawi (only to wake up one night with an AK47 in his face), were usually accompanied by, and often informed by, alcohol. If you think your gap-year spent backpacking across Asia was an adventure, read Nick’s book, and burn your Lonely Planet.

Martin Stevenson, Editor, More than footprints?


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