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Self Publishing update

Posted by in Self Publishing on December 2, 2010

To keep you updated while we are finishing the self publishing  pricing and book specification pages and publishers login, here is a little early briefing of what we will launching.

Our self publishing product will allow books to be available publicly in the bookstore; privately to the publisher or to a select audience the publisher defines via a ‘sign in’ token. So if you are publishing a book for general sale then you will put it in the main bookstore. However if you only require a few select people to see the publication or only want it available to yourself, for example for a set of company accounts, then you will set this up in your publishers account against that publication. There will be a ‘BUY’ button within your account to purchase your books at cost.

The costs for an A5 mono book printed on 80gsm bond paper with a 280gsm colour cover and perfect bound will be 1p per page, 95p for the binding and £1.25 per order. So a single 200 page book will cost £4.20. We will keep 35% of the remaining balance from the retail price, you keep the 65%.

So if you price your book above at £9.75 the cost to produce will be £4.20 leaving £5.55. We will keep £1.94 and you will get £3.61 for each book sold.

As a publisher you will be able to see all your publications, keep track of your sales and see amounts your have earned.

We are still on track to ‘go live’ before Christmas.


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