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Self Publishing bashing

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on June 9, 2011

I really do wonder why people write this sort of article –   It is not the first time I have commented on similar ‘Self Publishing Bashing’

I wonder if there is not some ulterior motive behind articles like these. Let’s face it; the publishing industry is in decline. It has sat in its ivory towers acting like King Canute hoping the growing tide of technology opening up new ways to find, buy and read literature in all its forms, would go away. Arrogance has abounded and it deserves to suffer. Has it offered a ‘service’ to authors or readers? No it has focussed solely on profit. Do I find great new books to read? No I find not much better than badly written ‘trivia’ much of the time.

With self publishing, I can decide if a book is good or bad. I can decide from a much greater spread of books what to read. I am not ‘told’ what is good or what I should read by an editor who knows nothing about me or my likes and dislikes.

And what is wrong with self publishing? We publish a book and get it into the online bookstore for free currently. What have you lost doing this? You now have a physical book you can use to sell and start promoting and sending out to publishing houses and literary agents if that is your route.

Most self published authors fail because they do not put the effort in to marketing their book. Like any product or service you have to work hard, very hard to promote your offering and gain sales. Even with a publishing house your book will only get a short time on the shelves of book stores. If it has not taken off then it will probably do no more than if you had self published. And guess what? We don’t lock you into endless contracts or pay you silly commissions on sales.

Oh and as publishing houses probably only publish probably something like 1% of all books written, what happens to the other 99%? Do they all go on the bonfire? This is not rocket science. You write it and we sell it.

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