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Self Publishing and Marketing your Book

Posted by in Self Publishing on April 26, 2011

You have written your book and Self Published it. Like everything new you now need to start getting people to look at it and persuade a percentage of those visitors into purchasing it.

However the problem always starts with ‘How do I get people to find my book’? Just putting it on a list of self published books in and online book store will probably not result in many views. Somehow you have to start promoting your book AND yourself as the author.

If you are serious about selling your book then you need to put the serious work in to promote it like any new business. If you are lucky enough to get a traditional publishing deal then SOME of this work will be done by the publishing house. You and your book are the brand and you will still have to do a lot of work to promote both.

Social Media has made the job more accessible to everyone with Blogs, Forums, Twitter, Facebook and many others.

I suggest you take time to read the following article which provides a great starting point to using Twitter for marketing you and your book and building visibility and traffic –

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  • Living in South Africa, the Internet has been a blessing to me.
    I was a Luddite until December 23, 2010 when I published my first book, “The Lottery Code” for free from my website. But I have never looked back
    and will always be eternally grateful for this new technology.

    L.E. Hattingh-Spurgeon

    May 14, 2011 7:21 AM

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