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Self Publish your Book. You write it. We Produce, Print it and Sell it

Publish a Book

Publish Your Book

You have arrived here because you are interested in how to take your hard work writing your book forwards and getting it into print.

So what is the next step?

You could start contacting the many publishers out there by circulating your manuscript and hoping that one of them comes back to you wanting to take a closer look. However the honest truth is that they have hundPublish Your Bookreds of manuscripts to choose from every day and in a frugal economic climate, most of them do not ‘back an outsider’.

The alternative is to produce the book yourself and start marketing and selling it. The ‘Self-Publishing’ route. This could lead to a publisher noticing your book and approaching you directly.

With Skoobebooks there is no tie in contract or limitations. We simply provide you with the tools to get your book in print and on sale. If you wish to move over to a publisher then you are free to do this at any time.

What you need to do?

  • Write your book
  • Proof read and edit it
  • Decide on a book size
  • Design a cover for your book
  • Decide if you want an ISBN for your book. This will make it available to book retailers
  • Contact us using the form below

What do we do?

  • Take your text and put it into a file format we can work with
  • Size the book to the final printing size we agree on
  • If colour is used in the book agree the colour quality
  • Adjust all pictures to correct ink density
  • Adjust pages so that they fall on the correct left / right order
  • Add a copyright page if needed
  • Adjust the cover to the correct ink density
  • Adjust for correct spine width
  • Add bleed for printing
  • Add barcode

 What does this Cost?

Currently we do not charge for working with you in setting your book and getting it ready for the first print copy.

If you want to add an ISBN to the book there is a charge for this service.

Printing your Book

We can print a single copy to as many as you require. Paperbacks, Hardbacks, Black and White, Colour, Text and Pictures are all available. We can normally have a book despatched within 3 to 4 days of your order being placed.

We charge for printing the book plus a setup and handling fee. Postage is charged separately. If an author buys a copy of their own book they pay cost price only. If a copy is sold from the Book Shop then the author will earn and be paid commission on the difference between the cost and the retail price.

The Next Stage –

Complete and Submit the form below and we will get back to you with details on how to get your book into Print.

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Select a Book Size according to whether the book is to be Paperback or Hardback, and whether the interior is to be black and white pages, standard colour pages (good for colour drawings and diagrams) or premium colour pages (best for colour photographs, but with the highest page printing cost).

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Upload your Book –

If your book is written then you can send it to us using the link below. Just upload what you have got and we will take a look and come back to you with what needs to be done. If you have more than 1 file then please refresh the page once the first file upload is completed and upload the 2nd file.

Upload your Book   (pdf, doc, docx, jpg, png) –

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