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Words – is a book of poetry and verse, song lyrics, the odd joke and a few musings on life, put together by father and daughter, John and Alexandra Haines. The work cannot be considered serious / heavy poetry, but it is diverse and there is surely something there for most to pass a little time with on a rainy winter’s day in Cleethorpes, or even on a sun lounger on the beach in Nassau. So, sit back, relax, float downstream, and then call the emergency services and tell them that only a few seconds earlier you were in either Nassau or Cleethorpes sunbathing before you began floating away.


About the Author

My name is Haines – John Haines (‘De de daa – De de daa – doo doo doo doo … ‘). I’ve always wanted to do that. But I drive my wife crackers when I demand that my morning coffee is shaken not stirred. Ok, serious, a little anyway. I am 51, I live in Merseyside, UK, and have been writing for fun for many years. Whether I write purely for fun from hereonin, well … it is all down to the discerning world of readers. But whether I end up in that ubiquital Paris garret, six months behind with the rent and dashing up the stairs with a stale loaf to try and avoid the landlady; or, knocking next door to ask JK Rowling can I borrow some champagne and caviar as I missed Harrod’s by minutes, matters not. I like writing, if you like reading my writing, then – mission accomplished. (But I wouldn’t say no to some champagne and caviar.)