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We Can Save The Planet!

We Can Save The Planet!


‘We Can Save The Planet!’ was produced for Bournemouth’s ‘Big Green Fortnight’ in May 2011 from a challenge to ‘Write a story on environmental awareness for children’.
It puts the hope and trust in children to challenge the habits of their peers in order to preserve our beautiful green and blue planet.  The story ensures that the people who will inherit our World understand the key messages early.



‘We Can Save The Planet!’ was created when a colleague, who manages environmental awareness at Bournemouth Borough Council, challenged David to write a story for the Town’s Big Green Fortnight around environmental awareness for children.

As David says “When I asked my children about their thoughts, the first response I got from them was ‘There is no plan B’. This really inspired me to make everyone aware that time really is running out unless we all take action now.”

The book has a global feel with simple, yet colourful, pictures and messages that can be used to inform all ages and different reading abilities. It encourages children to challenge their peers and to change their habits but to have fun in doing so whilst underlining the important messages.

The messages resounded with Bournemouth’s Earth Charter Leadership Group which agreed to sponsor it. The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century,

Bournemouth Borough Council made a bold move in February 2008 when it became the first, and to date the only, local authority in the UK to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and ecological integrity by endorsing the Earth Charter.

About the Author

David is a business graduate, qualified life coach and has many years’ experience of volunteer work with charities and young people. He has always had a very active imagination and enjoys interacting with others. He is fascinated with the potential that we can unlock within ourselves.

David’s many adventures include travelling, abseiling, Zorbing, bungee jumping and flying. He lives in Dorset, his home since birth, with his wife & two sons and can often be seen exploring in the nearby New Forest.

A self confessed extrovert, David still enjoys quiet time to immerse himself in creative interests such as sketching and writing.

David’s personal mission statements are ‘Seize the Day!’ and ‘Only My Best Will Do!’

This is David’s second children’s book.