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Upcycle with Decoupage

Upcycle with Decoupage


Do you need a unique gift to give someone? Do you have an old bottle or basket sitting around that you don’t want to get rid of but aren’t sure what to do with? Need an item of beauty that looks just right for your style? Do you want to learn one of the easiest and most affordable of crafts? Upcycle with Decoupage is for you.



Enjoy making things for your home that add to your décor but at the same time have an element of practicality? Maybe it sounds good but doesn’t that require some high skill level or expertise that is beyond your grasp?   Upcycle with Decoupage shows you projects you can do in your own home, for your own home with supplies you are likely to find around your own home.  Simple to follow instructions and full color illustrations take you through two dozen projects that beautify your home and give you the satisfaction of being able to say  “I made that”.   I even have an interactive Facebook page in the event that you have a question. The Facebook page is the same name as the book.
Upcyle with Decoupage:-
  • Simple yet elegant projects
  • User friendly instructions
  • Projects made by you for beauty or function or both
  • Easy to find supplies
  • Very affordable craft
  • Perfect projects to give as gifts
  • All projects can be made specific to your style

About the Author

Patti Elhoff lives in the country and has been working with Decoupage for over 20 years. She has sold in boutiques in her home state of New Jersey and in the state of Pennsylvania. She has a shop on Etsy called Hydrangea Path and a Facebook page with the same name. Her very supportive husband has always been beside her helping her to move forward when she feels those “discouraged artist blues” coming on. His knowledge of anything business has helped her tremendously with her creative nature.

They are forever taking in strays, whether they are dogs and cats or birds, turtles or baby bunnies. All are welcome.

Her love of creating comes from her Mother who they lost a few years ago. Anyone who has lost a parent, knows the very heavy time in life they go through after that happens. Yet, she could always hear her encouraging her to finish the book. She was her best friend and she continues to talk to her for support and help and she always manages to bring her comfort still.

She is very close to her brothers and her father and a few close friends. They have a large family and she can say that she genuinely likes and get along with all of them. She is very lucky to have been born into such a loving family. She is also lucky enough to have a loving and supportive family of inlaws.

She has been a member of the Decoupage Guild (Decoupage Artists Worldwide) for several years and find them a very good resource when she gets stuck or needs some inspiration.