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The Unknown

The Unknown


The evil vision rose to its full height. The monk Father Giles stood blocking the way and holding his ground in a gesture of defiance. As the monster prepared to leap, the priest called out to God asking for his deliverance. Then holding up his staff the good monk pointed it at the beast. A blue-white flame shot from its top to engulf the unholy creature. Howling in agony, the flames licked at the beasts frame. Then suddenly the ground beneath opened to reveal the fiery pits of hell. Streaks of yellow and red flames reached up and the creature dropped to meet them, back into the abominable depths from which it had originated.

John Brady ran his right hand down the illustration on the opposite page to that he had been reading. Then slowly and with care he closed the book. It was a single edition written by his great-grandfather. Produced in the nineteen thirties it was on the history of the old church site at Bennington. It was a collection of folk-law and locally researched documents, some going back as far as the thirteenth century. To John Brady’s knowledge only a few copies had ever been printed.


Writing Horror – For the darkness that stalks the twilight hours, brings forth the terror of childhood memories and engulfs the spirit. Memories designed to fill you with dread, and stop you from exploring the tantalising undercurrents of dark adventure. Oh, how we suffer the torment of denial, then surrender to the fantasies that play back and forth across our subconscious.
I’m talking about the complicated philosophical theories of dark matter, which captivates the milky whiteness of imprudence and comes with the bitterness of entrapment. To the entity that emanates from the realm of evil, leaves you staring aimlessly, your tongue clinging to the roof of your mouth, and sends shivers down your spine.

Sorry are you lost, perhaps mortified by the thought of reading horror or is it all just an imagined world of indigestible gobbledygook. To be honest, in today’s world of literature, I’m not too sure what constitutes a Horror Story.

My primary intention was that the reader would be entertained by the selection I have written. In exploring the diversity of this genre, I have tried to encapsulate a variety of storylines without surrendering any of the usual beings that maybe expected; Demons, Evil Spirits, Mummies and not forgetting Vampires.

As to my efforts, you the reader as judge and jury hold the verdict. Nevertheless, just to keep you from going insane, there are twists, which some may consider border on the humorous.

Enjoy the trip…

About the Author

Having been an avid reader in the past, I had always enjoyed the escapism, and yet the informative way that fiction can be used to portray those life enhancing moments. I’ve written a variety of works from short stories as in this edition, to epic length novels. I’ve assisted in the layouts and graphics of children’s books, non-fiction books, even an autobiography.

Born in the UK, I was employed in the communication industry, working in various capacities for National and International Companies. The opportunity of an early retirement from my role in Project Management, gave me the perfect excuse to pursue the prospect of writing my own fictional stories.

I’m happily married with three children (mostly grownup). I’ve entered what some might call my mature years. What can I say, the child lives on, ever exploring new realms of the imagination.