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Screaming In A Vacuum Jar

Screaming In A Vacuum Jar


A dark collection of modern poetry taking snapshots of modern life and its underbelly. Take a peek at the couple failing to communicate over a cup of tea. Look on at the lost of innocence or the aftermath of a death. And pause awhile considering the cycle or life. Or just simplly take a moment to enjoy the unsettling silence.



Screaming In a Vacuum Jar is a collection of modern poetry, the majority of which is of the non-rhyming sort. It is certainly not the sort of book to give a little light relief from modern living but is rather the type to be read in small doses. It deals with issues of murder, abduction, prostitution, the fall out from drug abuse and drinking. However, it is not all such happy material. It does contain some moments of “lighter” relief before returning to the grittier side of life.
As one reviewer put it:
“This is no poetry book for the ‘Pam Ayres’ hearted!
The writer takes us to deep places inside his soul and heart;
with a little bit of tea and politics thrown in for good measure.
There’s some lovely use of carefully chosen words.
To be read on your most thoughtful of days…”
Nick Gerrard (Author of Travelling for the hell of it!)

About the Author

Stephen Fitzsimons was born in Northern Ireland, transplanted to Somerset and now lives in London. He divides his time between work, family, two elusive cats, an empty fish bowl and procrastination. Screaming In The Vacuum Jar is (finally) his first collection of poetry.