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Poems from the Heart of our Mum

Poems from the Heart of our Mum


“Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked to us by the way?”

Thus said the two disciples, who had walked with the Lord that day.

For they’d failed to recognise Jesus, their hearts were filled with grief,

While walking to Emmaus, His words brought them relief.


To them, He was but a stranger, who had met them o their way,

But He saw how sad their faces and to them He did say,

“Oh fools and slow of heart, why dost thous not believe?

The Scriptures have foretold all of this its truth you must receive.



Poems from the Heart of Our Mum was the inspiration of her husband, Bert and has become a realaity by their offspring: David, Philip, Christine (Chrissy) & Joy. The siblings have also contributed a poem, letter or article which was written by each one to reflect their impressions of Mum and her poetry in their lives.
These poems were written by Ruth Barrington  during the 60 year of her marriage to Bert and little has been altered from the original writings. However, ‘Emmaus Way’ was edited by Ann from the UK in 2009 while Ruth was still alive.
We hope you too feel the love shown in the Poems from the Heart of Our Mum.

Please note, except for Emmaus Way, only minor editing has occurred to Ruth’s Poems. These are Ruth’s thoughts, her words from her heart.
Making huge changes would make these poems the editor’s poems and for this reason, her work has not been altered.


About the Author

‘Ruth Barrington (nee Lawson) had written poems most of her life but she had never had the opportunity to published them before her death in 2011.

Chrissy introduced her mother’s poems previously by publishing six poems in ‘Glimpses of His Glory’. At her father’s request, Chrissy committed herself for the task of publishing her mother’s poetry.