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Picking for Profit

Picking for Profit


‘Picking for Profit’ is a book about 21st Century realities. It is an essential survival guide for everyone, whether in work or unemployed. It is a book for all who are determined to create their own future through building a profitable business—working from home and for themselves. It is a book written for those who know that they can create their own future.



Throughout history, more fortunes have been made through ‘trade’ than any other profession or business. Today’s Internet millionaires and billionaires represent just a tiny drop in the bucket in comparison. But, today the dynamics have changed. It is no longer necessary to set up a warehouse, build a shipping empire, and employ thousands. The Internet has changed all that.

We don’t hear about today’s millionaires, and there are a lot of them, who are working for themselves, from home, and making a fortune from ‘Picking’. These are the people who understand auctions, consumer needs, the difference between price and value, and how to leverage this knowledge.

In Troy Howerton’s latest book he lifts the lid off the opportunity and shows anyone prepared to roll their sleeves up, and get to work, how the business works. Troy explains in clear and understandable sections how to start out with minimal capital and how to grow. He explains the secrets of negotiation and the tricks of the trade. From setting up an office, through winning at auctions (both as a buyer and a seller), then re-investing in success. It’s all here.

About the Author

Troy Howerton, a.k.a ‘The Redneck Picker’ is an experienced corporate executive, trader, video blogger, and entrepreneur. With a background in hospitality and event management, Troy leveraged his experience directing multi-million dollar deals in the real estate sector to design a business structure and method available to anyone with a passion for work. ‘Picking for Profit’ is not for the faint of heart. It is an essential introduction for everyone with the will to succeed, the desire to build a secure financial base, and the determination to become and stay independent.