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Liverpool Lyrics – the Book – the Dots!

Liverpool Lyrics – the Book – the Dots!


Liverpool Lyrics – The Book – The Dots! by Gerry Jones and John Haines. This book is a celebration of many of the folk songs which emanated from Liverpool, either as new original songs, or as part of a resurgence of songs of the city and the port from days gone by, during the 1960s folk-song boom.



From the days of sailing ships, through folk-song, pop music and football chants, Liverpool has always been a singing city. Even so, there are times when people know the tune well enough – they just can’t remember all the words. It was partly for these people that I decided to make my own dedicated “Liverpool Lyrics” web-page, (link from to store the lyrics of as many “Liverpool” folk-style songs I could remember, from the folk clubs of the 1960s. One response was from an ex-pat scouser in Spain, who found the words on my website and just wished he could learn to sing the songs.To help him, I sang the songs into my computer and make a CD for him. Of course, once it was all safely on the hard disk, it was easy to run off some copies now and then, for other friends. This led to the “Liverpool Lyrics” CD.
As things turned out, even this was not enough; I started hearing of people searching the bookshopsfor actual printed books with the words and music of the folk-songs of Liverpool, and to help such people is one of the aims of thisbook. One small book cannot contain all the songs that there are about Liverpool, so I have restricted myself to the most widely-known items from the folk-boom of the 1960s. Similarly, this is not meant to be a book about the writers and singers of folk-style songs, although you cannot get far without mentioning the major figures of the time. So please accept this book just for what it claims to be. If you find some “errors”, then please do advise me, but please remember that folk-songs by their nature are always changing, with variants and versions turning up unexpectedly. Only rarely can a “definitive version” be found. This is usually when the song in question is written in a folk-song style by an author whose identity is known.
My grateful thanks to the authors and copyright holders as credited, for their kind permission for me to use their intellectual property, their images and their music.
Gerry Jones, Broad Green, Liverpool.2012

About the Author

Gerry Jones

– A resident of Liverpool, Gerry Jones is a retired teacher and active musician with an abiding interest in the City of Liverpool but, strangely enough, he is not interested in football, beer or sport. He usually has quite a few interests and activities to keep him out of mischief, and his current projects include:-

Promoting the “Liverpool Tart” confection, which he discovered on a village website.

Encouraging local coffee-shops to offer “Lyverchinos” by use of a “Liver Bird”-shaped stencil.

Aiming to persuade the City to have a Third Liver Bird made, full-size, at ground level.

Taking part, with his kilt and his accordion, at international European gatherings of folk-music and dance. Persuading Liverpool City to host the “Europeade” folk-dance-in-costume festival.

Providing information on the many and varied folk-dance clubs in Merseyside. … and producing this book!

He is at various times a “Caller” for barndances & ceilidhs, a singalong entertainer and linguist.He can play piano, organ and accordion, mainly by ear, and manages the Liverpool Country Dance Band. He is a regular dancer at English, Scottish and Irish folk-dances and clubs on Merseyside. His musical experience has ranged from a church choir and a teenage “skiffle” group to playing ‘cello in a school orchestra and “pub piano” on New Brighton Pier, followed by Gilbert and Sullivan at university and the local folk-scene in the 1960s. During his time as a teacher, he passed GCSE Music, (Grade A), all eight grades of Music Theory, and Grade Three on every brass band instrument.

For some years now, as part of his interests in all things Liverpool, Gerry has made available a CD of Liverpool folk songs – “Liverpool Lyrics.” This work came about due to a surprising number of people who admitted to not knowing properly many otherwise familiar Liverpool songs, which is something Gerry has tried to put right via the CD.


John Haines

Writer, self-publisher and occasional musician, John Haines lives in Southport on Merseyside, although he hails originally from the Crosby area, a suburb of Liverpool, thirteen miles back down the coast.

As well as having worked with Gerry Jones on his new book ‘Liverpool Lyrics – The Book – The Dots!’ John already has a back-catalogue of his own, most of it fictional works published under his pen name of Josh Rogan, including a full length contemporary magic and fantasy novel completed and first publisheed in 2002, ‘Mike Miller, Son of Pendragon’. He also has several novellas available, most for the kids’ family market such as ‘The Marble’, ‘The Happy Harold Stories’ and ‘The Old Man’s Trousers’. John also re-publishes out of copyright classics, such as ‘Her Benny’, by the Reverend Silas K Hocking. In keeping with the rest of the planet, most of John’s written works are now in ebook format.

John also writes the odd song, one of which was all about the demise of the Port of Liverpool as he saw it – ‘The Skipper’s Lament’. Now, years later, these are John’s thoughts on the seemingly rapid dating of the song’s sentiments : “. . . The port is currently undergoing a revival – but this is only to a limited degree in a certain way – the Port of Liverpool as it was right up to the 1970s, has gone, forever. . .”

You can contact John by email at