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Less Than Three

Less Than Three


Less than three is a collection of short stories, each made with less than three thousand words. Inspired by real life stories, they have been woven together to pull and tug heartstrings. Written by a young writer who isn’t your everyday sappy romantic, Less than three offers delight and warmth, with a bit of the hard hitting realities of life.



There is an open secret
between us humans (mostly women):
we love love stories. We feel giddy with
every character’s “I love you” and
we feel heartbroken when the story unfolds
and the lovers weren’t meant to be.
Less Than Three is a collection of short
stories written in less than three thousand words,
by a young adult for the young adults
and adults with young heart..
Follow the stories of the characters
from puppy love to true love,
as they conquer obstacles and fight for
what they believe in.
Non-fiction to fiction; inspired by real life stories,
Less Than Three is written
for those who aim to have their
heartstrings tugged and pulled.

It is for those times when you
just want to cuddle up by the fire
with someone you love,
or when you’re alone in the coffee shop.

Love after all, is Less than Three.