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Glimpses of His Glory

Glimpses of His Glory


Glimpses of His Glory’ is a collection of inspirational poems, devotions and illustrations by Chrissy Siggee. Her nature photos were taken by her when visiting locations in Australian and the USA. Chrissy’s 82 year-old mother, Ruth Barrington, also had six poems featured in ‘Glimpses of His Glory’.



Discover how God works through his creation and Scripture to show us his love. This 100 page book of poems, inspirational devotions, photos and drawings will make the ideal gift for just about anyone who enjoys God’s creation and words of encouragement. Why not buy two and keep a copy for yourself.

I can’t imagine this universe without being able to see God’s beauty all around me. There’s nothing more beautiful than God’s creation. It’s as much a part of me as my Saviour himself. Everything he created was to His will and glory, and nothing was made by accident. – Chrissy Siggee

About the Author

After serving many years in children and youth ministries, she dedicated herself to Pastoral Care and Counselling to shut-ins, hospitalised and those with special needs. Chrissy rediscovered her childhood desire to write shortly after moving to Sydney in 2006. This has proved to be a major turning point in her life.

Chrissy introduces her mother Ruth Barrington (nee Lawson) wife to Bert, mother of four, grandmother of nine, great grandmother other of three and a poet in her own right, with six of her poems included in ‘Glimpses of His Glory’. Ruth wrote poetry most of her life but never had the opportunity to have them published before she past away in 2011.

With her unique blend of experiences, she writes mostly fiction and devotions, with poetry as her favoured genre. Chrissy Siggee is the author of the teen novel ‘Out of the Shadows – Jenna’s Secret’ and continues to share her poems and devotions on