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Evil Under The Circle

Evil Under The Circle


A stone circle.  An ancient evil, buried, waiting, discovered and unleashed.  And only the Guardians stand between it and the end of our world.



A chance find of a tunnel under an ancient stone circle leads to a terrible secret, hidden millennia before.  As terror strikes, and evil consumes, only one group can help: the Guardians.  Their elite team, G1, arrives and must overcome the ancient evil.  If they fail, then the very world will be destroyed.

Joined by unexpected allies, G1 face one of the greatest challenges their organisation has ever encountered, and there’s no guarantee that they will survive!

The second novelette in the G1: The Guardians series.

About the Author

Steve K Smy was born in Ipswich, in England. He has lived virtually his whole life there. He started writing for pleasure when he was 13 years old. He returned to serious writing in February 2012, following a long illness. Since then, he has written and published (in ebook form) several short stories and has been working on a major fantasy novel.
He has written and published (as ebooks) stories in two series: the Thief series of fantasy short stories and the science fiction Captain Henri Duschelle Stories. The latter, so far, consists of a short story and two novelettes, the novelettes also in paperback format. He is also working on a third series: of horror/future fiction/paranormal stories – the G1: The Guardians series, which currently consists of two novelettes and a novella, in ebook and paperback formats.

Mr Smy is also a blogger with a growing readership.