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Dribble on Verse

Dribble on Verse


My Writer’s View on Poets
So are poets, writers short on words,
Their unconnected lines for nerds,
A synopsis to some unfinished work,
Undefined literature to confuse or erk,

I’m not adverse to lines of words, that seem to run and run,
………………………………that continue on and on, and never seem to end,
Or blend,
In such allusive ways,
They make our very souls their slaves,

And so to keep it sweet,
The lines all tight and neat,
My creation of the night.
Upon the page I write,

When the words do come in such a haste,
Creatively you’re in full flow,
And scribbling down your thoughts apace,
Each line written row by row,
Then you lose your rhythm and your rhyme,
The frustrated rants and expletive screams,
How could this happen, it’s just not the time,
Your demise, the fault, it lay with you it seems,
The trusted pen at which you shout,
Why simply put, its inks run out.



This collection of verse came mostly from those written to a Writers Forum under the topic Dribble and hence the naming of this volume.

The inspiration came from comments overheard and from the correspondence with fellow writers. They conjured up thoughts from simple observations, comments that were grossly unconventional or just plain unusual, all of which fed the need to write down a few lines of verse.

What others have written…
A great book, Terrific, Undoubtedly a fun read.
Observant poetry that definitely brings a smile.

Nevertheless, in the end you either enjoy or ignore. No offence intended and none expected in return.

About the Author

I’m not in any way a student of poetry and I’m not overly fond of blank or free verse. I prefer rhyming couplets. As to the complication of balancing each line by a combination of unstressed-stressed syllables, iamb, trochee, dactyl, or describing in Metrical feet, dimeter, trimeter using Greek terminology, it all just leaves me somewhat bewildered.

In my case, the writing of verse is a simple diversion that helps to create new realms of imagination in the writing of my novels. I’ve written a variety of works from short stories, to epic length novels. I’ve assisted in the layouts and graphics of children’s books, non-fiction books, even an autobiography.

Born in the UK, I was employed in the communication industry, working in various capacities for National and International Companies. The opportunity of an early retirement from my role in Project Management, gave me the perfect excuse to pursue the prospect of writing my own fictional stories, and as it happens style of verse.

I’m happily married with three children (mostly grownup). I’ve entered what some might call my mature years. What can I say, the child lives on, ever exploring new realms of the imagination.