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Dribble on Verse II

Dribble on Verse II


The Poet in Us
So if you have to ask,
Why poetry is a worthy task,
Describing a personal theme,
Maybe a long forgotten dream,
In reminding each a look to take,
Giving a lasting impression to make,
For it is in the construction of the line,
Comes understanding of words that define,
That subtle sound of vision that you can lend,
A mix that the reader cannot fail to comprehend,
So please applaud the great poets’ words of choice,
In giving a graphic picture, with such a powerful voice.



Following the interest in Dribble on Verse and its outpourings of delusionary wit, this second book continues with a further collection of original postings to the topic Dribble and another I called The Writing Bug.

As before, the inspiration came from comments overheard and from the correspondence with fellow writers. Having read one or two of my compositions you may have discovered they express a description, or action, possibly a warning, in others maybe even something of a satirical note. Its broader aim, if there is any, is to express something of a record of family, friends, local or national predicaments and so contribute in some small way to the Social History of the community in which I live. For this reason, I describe my style of verse as Functional Poetry.

What others have said…
Poetry that is simplistic yet sometimes deceptive in its meaning.
Interesting unexpected Limerick style of poems.

In the end, you either enjoy or ignore. No offence intended and none expected in return.

About the Author

For me writing verse is a distraction, or is it possibly a brain defect. Anyway, I made up my own word to describe this condition Verstosterone – the action of thoughts spilling out in verse.

Verse stimulates and helps diversifies my thought patterns when I hit that blank spot in the writing of my novels. I’ve written a variety of works from short stories, to epic length novels. I’ve assisted in the layouts and graphics of children’s books, non-fiction books, even an autobiography.

Born in the UK, I was employed in the communication industry, working in various capacities for National and International Companies. The opportunity of an early retirement from my role in Project Management, gave me the perfect excuse to pursue the prospect of writing my own fictional stories, and as it happens style of verse.

I’m happily married with three children (mostly grownup). I’ve entered what some might call my mature years. What can I say, the child lives on, ever exploring new realms of the imagination.