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Buyer Seller Distance Relationship in the Server Hosting Market

Buyer Seller Distance Relationship in the Server Hosting Market


Is there a correlation between buyer and seller geographically? This particular study looks to see if this is true in a specific ‘service’ based industry – Internet Server Hosting.



This project looks at how server hosting is purchased from a location standpoint. It explores the idea that there is a connection between the service purchased and the location of the customer to the hosting company.

The results are brought together and represented in a risk / distance matrix to demonstrate the connection between level of service purchased and location of the customer. These results clearly show a connection between high value services and a local customer base but some confusion with the lower value services. The results of the covert interviews confirm these findings.

About the Author

I started life as an electronic engineer with GEC Marconi (remember them!). I worked on studying Nuclear Explosions and what effect they had on your bits (electronic!). I moved into the oil industry and worked in the Seismic industry on ships charting for oil and looking after the data logging and navigation equipment. I left after spending time in Angola in 1978 and being shot at in their civil war.

I have watched and participated in the birth and growth of the PC industry in all its forms. I spent a few years in the City of London during the mid 80’s – most of it in wine bars as was the custom then.

I have started and successfully built and sold a number of companies. Server World provided Managed server hosting and hosted products (Exchange and SharePoint) from its own data centre. STRS an equipment rental business provided short term hire of PC’s, displays and all forms of technology for exhibitions, training courses and conferences. Previous to that I built a PC maintenance company providing national onsite maintenance.