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A Day In The Life of The Earth

A Day In The Life of The Earth


This story is set in 2507

“………rather like the bees in a beehive all Top 600 citizens existed purely to ensure the welfare and survival of The City. Total 24-hour surveillance ensured that corruption could not occur.

Today’s decisions would determine the immediate future of The City and its citizens……….”



John leaned over and kissed his sleeping wife affectionately on her forehead as he gathered his ComsPack from the bedside table. She did not stir, which was just as well because he could not face the emotional turmoil of another discussion about why the Fertility Service had decided to abort all their potential offspring just because their Life Potential Indices (LPI) were too low.

 His ComsPack flashed a one-minute warning for the arrival of his EpiCom transport module. He said “Yes” quietly so as not to disturb Janice, and to confirm that he would be on time. Fifty seconds later John stepped into the small module, strapped himself into the executive seat and gave the instruction “OK”. Unseen by John the on-board security scanner had already confirmed his identity using an elaborate and reliable biometrics recognition system. By passing through his habitation door he had unwittingly triggered the International travel-monitoring service, stimulated by both the personal ID chip embedded under his skin at birth and the one in his suit. His every move would be recorded and stored in Government databases, and his credit account was being charged at 1000 International Dollars for every 10km travelled.

At speeds of over 800km per hour, generated by powerful electromagnetic forces, the capsule whisked John to his destination, the EpiCom HQ, in just over an hour.

About the Author

Mike Davies is a veterinarian. This is his first published fictional short story.