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New Self Published books

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on February 8, 2011

Last week saw three new books self published covering a wide range of topics.

Chrissy Siggee, an Australian author published ‘Out of the Shadows – Jenna’s Secretwhich is a story about a girl who is on the verge of having a full blown eating disorder but learns from her mistakes and watching others who were not so lucky. Jenna wanted to change, and because of that, she accepted the help of others. Her determination to turn her life around is helped by a network of medical staff, social workers, her family and church family. This story is meant as an early warning cry to teens and parents. The story behind Jenna is one of a young girl who didn’t intentionally get herself into this position. No one sets out to be anorexic or bulimic, but the range of deeper psychological problems can lead to the development of more complicated and damaging symptoms of these conditions.

John and Alexandra Haines published Words, a book of poetry and verse, song lyrics, the odd joke and a few musings on life, put together by father and daughter, John and Alexandra Haines. A wonderful ‘tomb’ of light hearted fun and frolics to while away an hour or two.

Mark McClafferty published Exile Corporation, a Crime Thriller based on knowledge he personally gained whilst serving a prison sentence in America for embezzlement. This is an exciting fast paced novel of power, money and corruption.

So three very different books from three very different authors. We look forward to many many more great reads for all you self publishing authors.

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