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Marketing your Book

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on April 11, 2012

Following on from an earlier blog around marketing your book (How To Start Selling Your Self Published Book) I came across an interesting article in The Book Deal website titled ‘Book Marketing & Publicity: Advice from three experts’.

This is an interview on a question and answer basis to three marketing consultants where they are asked about what an author should do to promote their book.

Book marketing & publicity: Advice from three experts – Alan Rinzler


A smart marketing consultant can be the secret weapon in an author’s marketing and publicity campaign. I surveyed three. First, their credentials:

Writing your book is only part of the journey. The goal in most cases is to achieve sales of the book with possibly some dreaming of being the next J K Rowling. As with any product or service, sales will only happen if you can get good visibility of your book. In todays ‘connected’ world this is achieved by generating social interest and getting enough people to like and talk about your book so that it becomes what is now called ‘viral’; the message moves quickly amongst many people who in turn tell their friends.

In the article, Cindy Ratzlaff gives some good basic pointers of things to do with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a Blog. These all take time and effort but to get sales you will need to really work at this.

We are finalising a marketing package which will help promote a book and drive traffic to the books page on Skoobebooks. We have already provided a set of tools which allows you to add information about the book, yourself (the author) along with samples from the book – possibly a chapter or snippets from different sections and the table of contents. There is also a review section which you should encourage anyone who has read the book to complete. All of this information will be picked up by Google and help in marketing your book to a wider audience. Reviews are especially good to help people buy – there is nothing like a recommendation.

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