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Lots of Books for Sale – So What Should You Write?

Posted by in Self Publishing on September 20, 2010

If you want to see your book in the bookstore or online bookstore you need to get writing something that someone is going to want to read.  The majority of fictions books these days are always trying to be a little bit too clever for their own good in my opinion, and it’s not always important to be as literary as possible; sometimes people buy books for enjoyment as well as to make themselves appear intellectually stimulating.

The key to writing a good book in many respects is interest and research.  The thing about these two is that they go hand in hand, and you’ll never sell any books if you don’t have them both; one just won’t do the job.


So you’re interested in model aeroplanes and you feel that you have been a collector for long enough now to write a book about it.  This is a very good idea, and there are far too many non fiction books out there on the market today that have little to no knowledge base and interest behind them at all; it’s about time someone wrote a good book about model aeroplanes.

So where are the problems with a project like this, there are bound to be some right?  There are no problems as long as you do the next thing on the list; and if you do this then the publication of your non fiction book could be closer than you think, or at least you will be in a position to make an informed decision about it.


And here it is – research – the greatest friend a writer can have.  If you’re going to publish fiction books or non fiction books (in fact if you’re going to try and sell anything) you need to do your research.

I am not referring to the appropriate amount of research that needs to be undertaken in order to complete your book, I mean the research you need to do in order to publish.  Too many writers try to sell their books without having the slightest clue about several important issues:

  • Market demand.  You need to know if you non fiction books about model aeroplanes are likely to do well against anything else that’s out there at the moment, and also try to investigate how many people have actually requested such a book.
  • Price.  You need to make sure that your book will go into the bookstore or online bookstore at the right price.  Too often you see overpriced books sitting on the shelves simply because the publisher and/or author had no idea about what retail price to ask for their book.
  • Design, layout and contents.  Basically you need to look at the other model aeroplane non fiction books out there and make sure that yours is better.  Your book needs to:
    • Look better
    • Be easier to reference and read
    • Have more information than the others and/or be more entertaining.

So there you have it.  If you want to publish books you need to have an interest in what you’re writing, and you need to know how to sell it.  One of these is no good without the other, so if you’re in any need of some help about researching your market then ask a professional.

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  • All of the above is at least beneficial, some of it is vital – if – the goal is to be a successful writer. Of course, if you are writing a nice poetry book with a Cadbury Purple cover with a picture of a silk bow, for Aunt Maud and Second Cousin, Lavinia from Cheam, then some of the tips don’t apply. This is the beauty of self publishing, we can ‘go for it’ or we can do a private book for private consumption. Glad to hear things are trundling along here, hope to be one of the first to self publish with you. John H

  • Good post! You are absolutely right – one should write about what they have interest in, and one should also do their research, learn about now to market and sell the book. I know most writers would rather just write, but that’s just not going to happen – we have to market and promote as well.

    I also know that trying to “write what sells” never works if your interest / passion is elsewhere.

  • Interest and research are important if you are going to write a good book because without interest, there is no way that you could keep up with the task at hand. It is just too boring and you will just give-up if you don’t like the subject.

    Of course, we need to research some information so that our book would include a lot of things and thus it could easily be related to by the readers.