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How You Can Motivate Me To Write

Posted by in Self Publishing on March 23, 2013

Writing can be a passion for any writer; however, at times these writers feel down, and they need motivation to write something. Making your passions into your profession itself is a motivational tool, but to become a professional writer we have to work beyond our capacity and sacrifice other personal hobbies. To do this we need a sufficient amount of personal motivation to write. Most of the writers are good motivators; therefore, they can motivate themselves, but still they have to learn how to get motivated for writing. The following are a few methods through which you can motivate yourself as a writer:

Reward Your Efforts
There are hardly any rewards available for professional writers; however, that does not mean writers don’t need rewards. If you are not receiving appreciation in the form of rewards or affirmations from others, you can reward yourself. A reward is always a reward regardless of its price, and it can do wonders for you when it comes to motivating yourself. Don’t restrict rewarding yourself with the quality or quantity of your work as you are working hard as a writer; therefore, you always deserve a reward.

Create a Flexible Writing Schedule
We all become busy at times, and the beauty of creative work is you can make flexible schedules.  You don’t need to kill your emotions just to give time to your writing work. If you participate in other hobbies, it will only increase your motivation as a writer.

Avoid Punishing Yourself
If you keep blaming yourself for not delivering quality work on a regular basis, it will reduce your productivity. Patience is always the key to success, but you need to stop punishing yourself as that is not going to help you at all.

Avoid Overwork
As a writer you have to enjoy your work which is only possible if you work according to your capacity. When your eyes start closing and you start feeling tired mentally, stop working as it will not only hurt you, but it will also affect the quality of your work.

Always Find an Inspiration and Follow It
In all creative work, inspiration is extremely important. You can create brilliant pieces of writing almost effortlessly if you have great inspiration and follow it.

Use Your Emotions
Often it becomes hard to work when emotions run high; however, you must keep in mind that emotions and pain are great sources of inspiration. You have to write down your emotions on paper or your laptop, and then throw that paper into the trash or remove the file from your laptop.  It becomes easier for you to move forward if you get your emotions out by writing them down.

Avoid Writing When You are Not Motivated Enough
If you are feeling depressed, don’t write as it is not the best time to create an effective book, poem, or article. However, you need to motivate yourself first in order to start writing again.

Sharmi, S is a freelance writer from Hamilton, ON, who motivates people through her writing. She is a seasoned author whose works have been published in many authority sites.

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