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How To Start Selling Your Self Published Book

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on March 20, 2012

The biggest challenge self published authors have is to actually sell some books. The writing is a journey but in comparison to marketing and selling it is like travelling in First Class accommodation. You can write the most outstanding book but unless you can build some ‘social noise’ around it then your sales are going to be lacklustre to say the least.

These short articles give a few ideas but notice they are largely based around social contact and networking.

A list of tips for authors looking to increase book sales.


Cheap And Easy Book Marketing – A Self Publishers Quick Guide                   Market your book to your number one market first, and then go after the secondary markets. I’ve seen publishers lose a lot of money paying for expensive display ads, so beware if you do this; I don’t advise it in the beginning

These are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing for selling that book but remember the journey does not stop once the book is written, it is only just beginning.

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  • Knowing your number one market is essential. Mine was my mother and people like her and my friend’s was anyone in the RAF. I wrote a family novel and she wrote an autobiography.
    However, we both found the most sales were gained from personal recommendation – one at a time!

  • Thanks so much for linking to my blog! I love helping self-published authors get their work out there.

  • Julie – that is a great example of the ‘social network’ bringing in sales. The challenge now is how to increase that network further.

    We are working on a number of ways to help this process and hope to launch something soon which will give authors a real chance of getting social exposure.

  • Emma – our pleasure. We have plans to build a market place on the site where people can trade skills and services within the book creation, writing, publishing etc fields.

    Services like yours are just what we are looking for to help authors.