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Help for Self Publishers

Posted by in Self Publishing on December 16, 2010

Help for those struggling with Self Publishing comes from Chrissy Siggee –

Chrissy offers a number of services for authors from book reviews to her  ‘Marketing Guide for the Self Publisher’ and ‘Self-Publishing consultations’.

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  • Chrissy is a multi-talented writer. Watch out for her story coming up at .

  • Chrissy’s Book Marketing Guide is very, very helpful. She covers everything from the moment you type “THE END” through to the importance of having a web page, book launch, conferences, magazine and newspaper promotions and everything in between. Chrissy has done the hard yards, and her guide will guide you away from the usual pitfalls of a self publisher. I highly recommend it.

  • I know the passion Chrissy has for helping those interested in self-publishing. The guide she has produced, although not covering all the pitfalls associated with self-publishing, certainly covers the show stoppers.