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Happy New Year

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on January 5, 2011

A Happy New Year to you all. I hope everyone had a modicum of festive cheer at least and that 2011 will not be the great disaster the media tells us it will be!

So Hangovers, Domestic Arguments, Divorce, Recession, Bankruptcy, Murder, Pestilence, Plague, Meteor Strikes, EMP blasts from the sun and Xfactor aside, we believe this is going to be a great year for everyone who writes.

Why? Because finally the written word industry is waking up to Technology. A little like music did a few years back and communications before that (mobile phones). The challenge facing everyone will turn to how to find information from the growing pool available. Google, Bing and take note!

As usual the hardware is far outstripping the software capabilities. So uploading and downloading information on to a growing range of devices from home, office and on the move will become the norm. Arguments about eBooks versus print books will become academic as the devices become cheaper, better and people use whatever suits their particular situation (on the move – eBooks; sitting by the fire – print book for example.) However, finding good software to store, sort and recall your growing vaults of stuff on different devices will continue to be a challenge.

So here in the Skoobe bunker we have been burning a lot of Xmas oil to try to bring our own piece of the jigsaw to life. We are not quite there yet but are pretty close. We hope to get the initial phase launched in the next week or so. We have been following for some time now the many discussions on blogs and forums about Self Publishing and we have tried to take on board some of the points raised.

We have a great dislike for non-transparency when buying things so we are endeavouring to be upfront about pricing and contracts. I read a lot about contracts that ‘lock’ authors in and ’buyout’ clauses. We are not going down those roads. If you publish through Skoobebooks you retain your rights and can move away with no penalty. We do however ask you to take full responsibility for what you publish. We are not editors and will not review material – we provide the conduit to get your material printed and on sale.

So like any ‘work in progress’ we look forward to getting lots of feedback over the coming weeks.

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