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Guardian Book Review

Posted by in Books for Sale on November 8, 2010

I read a review by a Terry Eagleton in the Saturday Guardian on a book written by Prince Charles – Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World .

This review reminded me of the original purpose of starting Skoobebooks. Rather than being a review of the book it read to me more like a personal character assassination of Prince Charles and very little to do with a constructive review of the book.

So here we are at Skoobebooks, on the verge of finally launching our Self Publishing service which is aimed at authors who are constantly rejected or ridiculed by Terry Eagleton types. For years now I have grown tired of being ‘told’ as it were what I will read (and for music, to a lesser extent now due to the Internet, what I will listen to).

A few editor’s in publishing houses determine what is available on the bookshop shelves for the rest of us to buy. What gives them some divine higher intellect to determine what us ‘minions’ should read? And why do we have to put up with paid critics telling us what is and is not good ? Surely it is for us to decide whether a book is good or bad individually.

So here at Skoobebooks you will shortly be able to upload your book and have it sold as a printed copy. We will not be taking any form of editorial control. Using Social Media, word will spread quickly if the book is good and people like reading it. Using the same Social Media, authors will be able to defend if they wish, criticism of their work on a fair and level playground. 

Surely this is the form publishing must take now? I am sure there will be plenty of discussion around ‘Vanity’ publishing – whatever that is. However we only see ourselves as a vehicle to allow anyone to publish, sell and distribute  their book, opening up what till now has been a very ‘Victorian, closed, cartel’ by the publishing industry.

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  • Surely that’s what journalists, critics and reviewers are paid?

    Like it or not we live in a world where finding fault in everything and everyone is the norm!