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Device owners read more books, magazines and newspapers

Posted by in Books for Sale on October 6, 2010

People who own digital reading devices such as’s Kindle, the Sony Reader and Apple’s iPad spend more time on books, magazines and newspapers than folks without those gadgets, according to a poll by the Harrison Group.

Tablet and e-reader owners between 18 and 64 years old reported spending 50% more time reading magazines. Users of tablets such as the iPad said they spent nearly 75% more time reading newspapers and 25% more time reading books.

Those who own dedicated reading devices such as the Kindle spend 50% more time reading newspapers and 45% more time reading books, according to the poll.

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  • Well, that’s quite understandable. A reading device like Kindle doesn’t take a lot of space yet stores tons of books. It is easy to carry with you anywhere you go – very convenient. While I LOVE real, paper books, I can see how electronic gadgets are making people read more.

  • What it dosen’t say is what proportion of the total poulation use these devices so saying a percentage of something is meaningless unless you know what it is of the total.

  • Not sure about that since I believe that a person interest cannot be influence by anything else in this world. If you are keen on reading, it is because you are already used to it while you are growing up.

  • You are right Machida, reading (or not-reading) habits seem to form in childhood and stick to us. I don’t think those who dislike reading will suddenly change their mind and start doing it just because of a new gadget available to them. But those of us who do read might actually read more, because of the convenience. Having a whole library in your purse, what can be better than that! 🙂

  • 1. I would think it to be common sense that an owner of a digital reading device would read more. The digital reading devices are something you spend over $100 specifically for reading books, magazines and newspapers. Why would you spend extra money for a reading device if you were not going to get your money’s worth?

  • i agree that in this new age area of technology. it would make reading more fun. the fact is that an electronic device makes it easier to carry x number of e-books. so its easier to carry around and to sort out your favourite books. I personally don’t like reading that much on books. I rather look at the pictures but when it comes to blogging or online articles I can keep my focus better.