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Posted by in Books for Sale , eBooks , Self Publishing on August 5, 2011

From the Greenslade blog on 3rd August in the Guardian this week he wrote ‘Publishing books online is fine – but can you find buyers?’ He goes on to talk about how a former colleague of his has published an e-book but now suffers from what he called ‘e-book invisibility’.

This is a complaint we see continually from authors who write a book, self publish it and then ‘expect’ sales to fall through the door. If only it were that simple! Like any product or service you have to work hard at building customers and sales.

The book market is evolving rapidly at the moment; e-books, print on demand, online selling, high street book stores closing, publishing houses taking less ‘risks’ on new authors. So now is the time as an author to embrace these changes and start making the new environment work for your benefit.

Customers have to know about your book and where to go to buy it. You are a new author who they have never heard of so why would they buy your book? The hard work is all about building a presence both for your book and you as an author using as many of the social media channels as you can.

Here at Skoobebooks we are continually developing ways to promote books as they are published. This is only successful if the author stands alongside this with their own promotion effort. So don’t think that writing a book is a single journey and that once you have finished writing that is it. The second stage of your journey starts then.

Five years ago promoting a book like any product was expensive with most of the marketing done by expensive advertising. Today if done correctly you can get better coverage for little more than time and effort.

The new technologies need to be embraced and worked in your favour to deliver the results you want.

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