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Book Searching

Posted by in Books for Sale on October 8, 2011

Well we have been hard at work over the summer with a number of major projects to improve the website. Google Ranking and Book Searching were two big projects now completed.

Firstly we needed Google to index and rank individual books better. We decided we need a full sitemap to include the 2.5million book titles we have which gets updated weekly. This provided us with an interesting challenge as the sitemap tools we looked at took more than a week to produce the sitemap!

Eventually we decided to write our own software to do this directly from the database. We are now able to produce a sitemap of 2.5 million pages in 3 minutes. This in turn has led to Google working very hard on indexing each and every book by its title. So hopefully in a short while you should find the book you are looking for listed near the top of Google by Skoobebooks if you search by its Title, ISBN or Author.

We are also very proud of our new Search function. Now if you use the ‘General’ search at the top of the screen and type in some words for the subject you are looking for, the site will return a selection of nearest matches. So for instance if you wanted a book on Manchester United Football club then just type in Manchester United Football and you will be presented with a huge selection of titles to choose from.

This can be further refined using the Category selection and Filtering by Author if you know one. The results can then be sorted by Author, Title or Best Match and displayed as thumbnails or as a list.

So now onto some new projects.

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