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Self-Publishing: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on March 14, 2012

Following on from a previous article that touched upon and commented on the fact that if you self-publish, you will be joining illustrious company, this has never been a truer fact. Self-publishing might be a challenge, sure. Self-publishing might sometimes feel unrewarding or fruitless. It might have you reaching for balance transfers more often than you’d like. However, the


John Carter. On the Red Wave to Barsoom – Part 1

Posted by in Books for Sale on March 9, 2012

Today (March 9th) sees the release of Andrew Stanton’s movie ” John Carter “, a film that has been highly promoted and received much media attention. It has already been equated with StarWars and Avatar, with some claiming that it plagiarised ideas from both movies. But if anything, the reverse is true because the film


A Brief History of Self-Publishing

Posted by in Self Publishing on March 3, 2012

Choose to self-publish and you’ll find yourself in illustrious company: some of the world’s best-loved writers started out that way. While the self-publishing industry has taken off in recent years, it’s always been an alternative to mainstream publishing as a look at some of the great names in literature will tell you. The Voyage to


Writing helps women lose weight.

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on January 7, 2012

I saw this wonderful article today in the Daily Mail titled – ‘Positive shrinking: Writing about the things that mean most can help us lose weight’. The secret to slimming could be as simple as picking up a pen and writing. In a remarkable indication of the potential power of positive thinking in dieting, researchers


Book Sales for 2011

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on January 3, 2012

Nielsen book sales for 2011 show healthy figures but are disappointing when it comes to the book titles. Over half of the top 10 were in the list for 2010 and have just changed position. So where were all the new titles? POSITION TITLE AUTHOR VOLUME VALUE RRP 1 One Day Nicholls, David 935,355 £5,157,015.10


Book Searching

Posted by in Books for Sale on October 8, 2011

Well we have been hard at work over the summer with a number of major projects to improve the website. Google Ranking and Book Searching were two big projects now completed. Firstly we needed Google to index and rank individual books better. We decided we need a full sitemap to include the 2.5million book titles


Selling your eBook

Posted by in Books for Sale , eBooks on August 1, 2011

It is said that without History we would learn nothing. So where has Apple gone wrong? Have they not learnt that a company cannot control a market? Sooner or later the market will push the company aside. So why has Apple decided to attempt to control the eBook market delivered from its iTunes App? Apple


How self-publishing came of age

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on July 21, 2011

This is a great article on self publishing and why any author should seriously look at it. It was written by Alison Flood, a writer on and former news editor of The Bookseller and published in the Guardian on Friday 24th June 2011. GP Taylor is one of self-publishing‘s success stories. The former vicar


Self Publishing goes Colour

Posted by in Books for Sale , Self Publishing on June 25, 2011

Skoobebooks have launched full colour self publishing for all those authors who want to put some colour into their books. This is an exciting addition to their printing options giving authors an even wider choice for printing their books. Colour can be on one page or all of the pages and yes you can have