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Are Self Publishing authors really this sensitive?

Posted by in Self Publishing on April 28, 2011

I hear a lot of discussion regarding the importance of spelling, grammar and sentence structure in a book. I do wonder how much of this is ‘literary snobbishness’ and how much is justified. We live in a world where a ‘new type of shorthand’ evolves almost daily. Texting, street talk, and even emails are full of ‘grammatical incorrectness’. Who now starts an email with ‘Dear..’ or sends a text (or Twitter) correctly spelling each and every word?

Look at any article on writing Blogs and Web site content and the advice is to ‘write the way you speak’. Website text is graded around the length and complexity of the words used with advice to make it no more than ‘Young Adult’.

However when you do put your book up for review perhaps any criticism should be treated constructively. If someone suggests the book would be better with grammatical changes then they should certainly be seriously looked at if they can improve book sales.

The following is a good article on how NOT to respond to criticism from a review –

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  • Oh my, that is, as Col would say a veritable can of worms. I’ve been on both sides of this fence, and, flying in the face of the sentiments in the above article, I was sorry I was ever on the wrong side of it. I started off as part of an informal internet writing community, guess what? It did me no good whatsoever. Yes, ok, like-minds will read all sorts of casually written stuff with gay abandon, well, abandon, but, no matter how much the trad publishing houses and all other associated business and industry is given a right whipping by the wave upon wave of new technologies freeing things up for the struggling writer, one still has to write as one should write. Not doing so early on simply delayed and still delays my getting to the stage of considering myself to be the finished article, so sorry, I can’t agree with the above at all.

  • Interesting one this. Just been reading the following blog post which throws another perspective on it –