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Self Publish your Book. You write it. We Produce, Print it and Sell it

About Us

Skoobebooks was started by Jerry Leach and Keith Plunkett to provide a market place for authors to publish their work.

Stories of authors failing to get a publishing contract would fill a very large volume of books indeed. From Jerry’s own English master at school who could not get his war stories published to some of the more famous names Roald Dahl and JK Rowling for example, all had their work rejected by absolutely everyone initially and Enid Blyton even had to marry a publisher to get her books accepted.

Many famous authors self-published their work when they set out, including Virginia Wolf, Rudyard Kipling, Beatrix Potter and Laurence Sterne, to name a few. And it’s not just authors from the past that have succeeded. GP Taylor an internationally bestselling author started out by self-publishing his first novel Shadowmancer. Within weeks he had attracted attention from several major publishers and ultimately secured a multiple book deal with Faber.

So we started Skoobebooks to provide somewhere authors could come to and get their book into print and on sale.

Jerry Leach

Keith Plunkett

The publishing market is made to seem very complicated by some and held in reverence by others with volumes of discussion over point sizes, fonts, paper weights and many other things.

We prefer the simple approach. You have written something and you would like to get it into a printed book. Now let’s be honest, the chances are it is not going to become a ‘Best Seller’ but does that matter? It is the enjoyment of seeing your own work in a nicely printed and bound book which you can show to your family and friends that counts.If you can successfully sell copies even better but that will depend on the amount of marketing you want to do.

We make that publishing process simple for you and the finished book is exactly the same as any book you would pick up in a high street shop.

We are passionate about taking the ‘elitism’ out of the book publishing business and making it available to everyone.