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Self Publish your Book. You write it. We Produce, Print it and Sell it


So you have written a book. Now what do you do with it?

We will work with you to put your book together ready for selling.

  • Work with you to get your book into a printable format
  • Print bound copies when needed
  • You order copies when you need them (single copies upwards)
  • Add your book to our bookshop so others can purchase it
  • List your book with retailers such as Amazon and Waterstones


  • A kind of travel book Short Stories, journalistic pieces, memoirs and opinions From a life time of travelling and

  • Enjoy making things for your home that add to your d├ęcor but at the same time have an element

  • Liverpool Lyrics – The Book – The Dots! by Gerry Jones and John Haines This book is a celebration

Self Publish Your Book

So you have written your book and now need to get it published and in print. Fed up waiting to find a publisher to take you on? Want copies of your book to send to family and friends? Publish your book with Skoobebooks.

Publishing companies reject many of the manuscripts submitted to them. Roald Dahl and JK Rowling all had their work rejected by absolutely everyone initially, and Enid Blyton even had to marry a publisher to get her books accepted. Skoobebooks will allow everyone to self publish and sell their work.

Maybe you just want a few copies for family and friends. Want to sell it though bookshops? We will help you through the process to format and publish your book ready for us to print the copies you want, when you want them.

So what are you waiting for? You have written it, now see it in print.

Self Publish your book NOW.


I just wanted to say, having received my copy of my novelette in paperback, how very pleased I am The levels of help and service I received were far

Steve K Smy

Thanks for the fast and professional work in publishing my poetry book, Glimpses of His Glory It’s good to be able to trust a great company as Skoobebooks for

Chrissy Siggee

We wish to thank you for your excellent service Wow, we ordered here in the US and processed by you in the UK and delivered to Australia without any

Johnnie Angus
Company Name

Super Thanks a lot for all your help!
Really appreciate it! Already being writing on Goodreads and Jottify what a good place this is! Cheers

Nick Gerrard
Company Name

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